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Cricket is undoubtedly the most popular games in India. The game is played by both professionals and amateurs. One of the most common things during cricket games is cricket betting. This is where different people bet on the team that will win. Due to the popularity of the game in the country, cricket betting is very big and it’s common to find Indian betting sites that allow both Indians and non-Indians to bet on their best teams. It is decided to a cricket field focused on a 20-meter pitch with two wickets each involving a safeguard adjusted on three stumps.


Analyzing Facts about Cricket Betting Tips
  • People first need to create an account in a bookmaker platform. after that, they can start their betting process there.
  • There are many books and success stories, people can easily get to know about all tricks and tips from there which can help them to get success.
  • individuals need to gain knowledge about cricket and need to know about all the information about a cricket match. there are many important things in a cricket match, betters need to take care of all those things.
  • People should try many bookmakers at a time. they should not stick to one bookmaker. there are many options of bookmaker in this world and every bookmaker has their own offers. therefore, people need to check all the offers of each and every bookmaker and should choose the right one.
  • Along with that, people need to think small first, then they need to think big. when people start cricket betting, they need to start from the small.
  • People need to do research about the cricket tournament, where they want to start the bet. they can take advise from successful betters. it can help them to get an idea about the cricket betting. Markets always play an important role in cricket betting. so before starting a bet in a cricket match, people need to follow the market of cricket betting.
  • There are many people who want to start 100% Free Cricket Betting Tips Match Predictions from Experts in a cricket match, where their favorite cricket team is playing and they make the bet on their favorite team. There are many chances of losing the money from the match if the opposite team is more stronger than the favorite one. so people should not bet with the heart or emotionally. they need to think strategically if they want to achieve the ultimate goal of betting.


All the best for your betting.

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Cricket Betting – Follow These Rules if You Want to Win
Feb 20, 2019

Cricket is a high pace game, especially for the ones who want to place bet again and again. Cricket matches is likely to be full of subtleties and nuances which influence the results without letting you know until it has happened actually. With different markets and formats, it is often hard to choose your bets.

Free cricket betting tips are also based on luck, just like placing other types of bet or gambling in online casinos. The best thing is that there is no lack of expert advice available all the time. Do you want to optimize cricket betting for you? Here are some of the golden rules you should know about cricket betting

Cricket Betting – Follow These Rules if You Want to Win

Understand pitches

It is very important to read pitches well in cricket betting. Pitches can affect the overall result of the match drastically. You should how they get worse during a match and how they evolve. Does a specific kind of pitch works well with bowler or batsmen?

Consider the weather forecast

Though you may argue that weather affects the ability of all players similarly, it is not always true. For example, swing bowlers are used to have greater odds when the weather is cloudy on the ground. It is something you should keep in mind.

Develop analytics

Even though each game has its own rules, you can get an edge in cricket betting by tracking and determining hard statistics, as there are lots of clues available with the data. You should learn to collect the right data and interpret the same to your own edge.

Gain detailed player knowledge

If you really want to get into the detail of the game, you should have better understanding of the players, their patterns and their strengths and weaknesses. Even though most players perform well on the ground, there are some players good at one thing but lose at the others. You should do your own research to succeed in cricket betting, track game stats and players and get to know important players.

Expect some chaos

Of course, cricket is the game of unexpected. There are also dramatic turns in the end. This is one of the reasons why most sports lovers prefer cricket for betting. You must be ready for it.

Well, there’s a lot more to cricket betting. You might first want to meet the eye. A player who performs well in most of the matches may have an odd day sometimes and it is completely normal. It is not just limited to cricket. In any match, a particular pitch might give around 400 runs over the first couple of innings but just half that number on in the game.

There’s always an odd for dramatic turnaround and batting collapse, cloudy weather, and injury. Though you cannot control everything in the cricket match and prepare for the unexpected, it is still important to prepare as much as you can to increase your odds of success in cricket betting.

3 IPL Betting Tips for Guaranteed Success
Jan 20, 2019

Not everyone likes to bet on cricket online. They are also very good at picking other people’s bets, so they may want to get cricket picks from punters who know what they are doing or bet on the internet. This will help new or experienced punters get better chances of winning when betting on IPL matches. But how can you know that you are finding good cricket tips? As you are now learning, this is simpler said than done.

Are there any good Cricket Betting Tips?

First of all, you need to look at is to write it down the basic tips given by the seasoned players. No matter how long it contains or what information it contains (although it is also important), as long as you read it carefully, it makes sense for you and it can generate possible advantages. If the author only said: “I like CSK to beat RCB,” then you can’t extrapolate from such little information. In this case, he should have a long record of winning bets to convince you of his instincts.

Is this information useful?

Now, when it comes to actual cricket betting tips, you should carefully read and assess whether you can get ideas and strengths from the information and analysis provided by the dealer. You don’t have to use the actual draft rights that have been posted, because you only need to use the information provided to decide what you want to bet and which team you want to back-up. This is usually the best approach because you don’t have to rely on anyone to bets on your behalf, but getting ideas from other referrers is not a bad idea.

Can information give us an advantage?

When you screen a cricket draft, you also need to consider how to use the free IPL betting tips to gain an advantage. Knowing which players are not playing may sometimes be very valuable information (when few people know this), and at other times when someone is injured for a long time, it may be almost useless (although it is known very well), everyone knows this, and the bookmaker may have taken this into account when calculating the odds. So, see if you can infer how the information you get is used to find the advantage in the market and the free tips you get.

Increase your chances of winning:

With free cricket betting tips provided by the most seasoned dealers, you may certainly increase your chances of winning. However, you may can not fully rely upon most of the dealers. Before you make the final decision, you have to scan the situations at your own end and assess whether or not the free IPL betting tips are worth following.

This is just a situation for the novice players. Once you get some experience, you may rely upon your dealers because your instincts will help you along. Follow these guidelines and you are all set to win big.

Analyzing Facts about Betting Tips
Jan 20, 2019

There are very few people who win every bet and there are very few people who lose every bet. This means, everyone gets a chance to try and win with his luck in cricket.

But there is a clear difference between those who win often and those who lose frequently – the understanding of cricket, handling the pressure and believing their gut. Those who do these three things end-up winning most of their bets.

Is there anything that ensures you will win every bet you place? Yes, there are a few. While betting in cricket, keep a few things in mind and you will be on the winning side most of the times.

Bet in your limits:

Losing a bet doesn’t cost you a fortune, but betting outside your limits and losing does. Remember, it’s important to understand your financial limits and staying within those. Never bet outside of your financial limits. Make sure to have ample money to recover the loss, and bet less than what you have in your pocket.

Read the streak:

There are some teams that have a habit of winning, such as India under the captaincy of Virat Kohli and Australia as usual. These teams have a never-say-die attitude, and fight till the last moment. One such team in IPL is Chennai Super Kings (CSK) that never loses the hopes until the last moment. While betting on such teams, you may trust these teams for their fight, spirit and attitude.

Trust your Gut:

We have seen many people who had a gut feeling for one team but changed their mind with situations. Eventually, they lost with disappointment because their heart was right. If you feel, even for a minute, that something has to happen, trust your gut and ask your luck to go with it. You will never regret.

Take measured risk:

It’s good to take risks but in a limited amount. It’s ok to listen to your brain or heart to go with a certain team but don’t forget your limits. Measure the amount of risk and loss before you chose to take any risk.

Look at the teams:

There are certain key players in every team, like Virat Kohli in India and AB De Villiers in RCB, who can change the match single handedly. But what if you find that ABD is out of the match after you have placed your money on RCB?

The key is – analyze the team before you put your money. Check the squad carefully and act accordingly.

Don’t lost hope:

The match isn’t over until the last ball has been bawled or the last batsman has been dismissed. Don’t lose your hope with current situations. In today’s rapid cricket matches, anything can change within an over. If you have decided to go with one result, stay with it. Don’t change your mind over and over again.

These are a few common cricket betting tips and IPL betting tips you may follow in each match. If you follow these carefully, you will more than often end-up on the winning side.

All the best for your betting.

Global T20 Canada 2018: The next big thing?
Jun 11, 2018


Cricket has gone on to establish itself a one of the world’s mist renowned sports. Not just in terms of fan following, but in terms of commercial value as well. Earlier on it was just the International format of creek existed which was played between nations. However, ever since the turn of the 21st century, club cricket too has staked its claim as the most in demand form of cricket today.

What T-20 cricket?

Twenty twenty cricket is nothing but a shortened form of an ODI match which involved just twenty overs per side. This means that the match is quick and more enjoyable in comparison to a fifty over ODI. Taking nothing away from the thrill of an ODI match, T-20 games have their own excitement and hence have become very famous in the world today.

Canada T20 Global League

The Indian Premier League and start of the T-20 League format

Indian was one of the first nations to introduce a T-20 league comprising of franchisee teams where players from all around the world could play. This unique concept gained super stardom over the years and has hence become one of the most watched cricket events in the world.

Global T-20 Canada

Following on the footstep pf the Indian Premier League, certain other nations too have decided to come up with a T-20 league of their own. The latest country to do so is Canada. The Global T20 Canada is expected to take place between June and July of this year and promises to be a cracker of an event. The team drafts were released on 3rd June, 2018.

Since this is the very first season of this cricket competition, certain marquee players from around the world are expected to participate. The most notable ones are the Australian pair by the name, Steve Smith and David Warner. Despite the two being caught in a scandal and also having received a 12 month ban from the Australian Cricket Federation, the two players will remain headline news all through the tournament.

The other mutable players who will features at this year’s edition of Global T20 Canada are Dwayne Bravo of Chennai Super Kings at the IPL, Pakistan’s Shahid Afridi, Lasith Mallinga, Chris Gayle, David Miller, Andre Russell, Chris Lynn and finally, Darren Sammy.

As part of the basic rules, there will be six teams competing for the title and each team has to mandatorily pick 4 Canadian cricketers which also include under 23 players as well.

The venues for hosting the matches are the Toronto Cricket, Skating and Turfing club, along with the Curling Club Sunny Park and finally, Maple Leaf Cricket Club.

The tournament received a green signal from the ICC way back in February, 2018 and it is expected to be the first cricket franchise based T20 tournament based in North America. The tournament is expected to kick off on 28th June, 2018 with the final expected to be played on 15th July, 2018.

The six teams taking part at Global T20 Canada are:

  • Toronto Nationals
  • Vancouver Knights
  • Montreal Tigers
  • Edmonton Royals
  • Winnipeg Hawks
  • CWI Representative team

Don’t miss this edition of Global T20 Canada 2018 which is going to be one heck of an event!


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