Chepauk Super Gillies vs TUTI Patriots, 18th Match – Free Cricket Betting Tips

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Cricket is one of the games that is known as a global level. There are numerous countries and regions with their own cricket teams. However, cricket tournaments and world cups are anxiously followed throughout the world. One of the awaited and highly anticipated cricket tournaments are the Tamil Nadu Premier League 2018. The matches of the cricket tournament have been started from 11th July and the match that is being played today is Chepauk Super Gillies vs TUTI Patriots in Chennai.



Tamil Nadu Premier League 2018:

The Tamil Nadu Premier League which is commonly known as the TNPL started on the 11th of July. Daily a match is organized between two teams. The fans of the tournament are following the matches with much excitement and anxiety. They are wishing their favorite team good luck and are indulged in the matches from the first ball up until the last ball. Today the eighteenth match of the tournament i.e Chepauk Super Gillies vs TUTI Patriots in Chennai is being played. The location of the match is the MA Chidambaram Stadium in Chennai and the match is expected to start at 7:15 PM according to the Indian Standard Time.


Chepauk Super Gillies:

A Arif, R Alexander, B Arun, Arun Kumar, Murugan Ashwin, Kedar Devdahr, Ganga Sridhar Raju, H Gopinath, S Harish Kumar, S Karthik, Manav Parakh, Baskaran rahul, B Sai Sudharsan, Samruddh Bhat, Shaurya Sanandia, Uthirasamy Sasidev, Vijay Shankar, M Siddharth, MK Sivakumar, Sunny Kumar Singh, R Vishaal.


TUTI Patriots:

Washington Sundar, Kaushik Gandhi, Ravisrinivasan Sai Kishore, Rajagopal Sathish, V Athisayaraj Davidson, Akshay Srinivasan, Malolan Rangarajan, Umashankar Sushil, S Dinesh, S Abishiek, Nidish Rajagopal, Rajamani Jesuraj, A Venkatesh, Akash Sumra, Subramanian Anand, M Ganesh Moorthi, S Boopalan, Ashith Sanganakal, Shubham Mehta.


Date 28 july, 2018
Venue MA Chidambaram Stadium in Chennai
Match Chepauk Super Gillies vs TUTI Patriots
Timing 7:15 PM IST

Scores And Match Updates:

The live updates of the happenings of the match are updated on all leading social media sites. The Chepauk Super Gillies vs TUTI Patriots in Chennai match is being shown on many TV channels and the live streaming of the match along with commentary from the experts is also available online. A huge fan base and the people who support the teams have also made their way to the stadium in Chennai to enjoy the match live.


Free Cricket Betting Tips for Today Match

There are very few people who win every bet and there are very few people who lose every bet. This means, everyone gets a chance to try and win with his luck in cricket. But there is a clear difference between those who win often and those who lose frequently – the understanding of cricket, handling the pressure and believing their gut. Those who do these three things end-up winning most of their bets. Is there anything that ensures you will win every bet you place? Yes, there are a few. While betting in cricket, keep a few things in mind and you will be on the winning side most of the times.