If you are thinking how to win always in cricket betting, you are going completely wrong. Instead, you should ask how to win in cricket betting consistently. Winning always and consistently has difference. It is not easy to make money in cricket betting. No one has ever won every bet in this world. You need to learn some tricks and get free cricket betting tips to maximize odds of winning and minimize loss.


Okay, so how to win “Consistently” in Cricket Betting?

  • First of all, choose an online bookmaker and register your account. Place your bets.
  • Learn all the betting tricks by reading books.
  • Utilize the power of compounding.
  • Go through a staking plan.


Using Online Bookmaker

Every year, online bookmakers open up to 800 matches in-play. With new arrival of 2nd tier leagues, numbers have increased, for example Karnataka Premier League, Tamil Nadu Premier League, Haryana Premier League, etc. For Live Betting, around 1000 matches have been opened up in 2017.  You can place bet within 5 seconds using online bookmakers.


If you start losing your bets, you have, at least, an option to save some amount by cashing out. These days, cash-outs are made available by most online bookies. Online bookmakers have been registered with Gambling Regulation Authorities. So, you can easily secure your money. There are still no laws that regulate online gambling in India. So, betting is completely legal if you are doing it online.


Learn the Tricks

It is very easy to learn betting tricks. But it takes a lot of time and courage to read each of them, analyze the best trick for you, and have some amount to risk when testing some tricks. Gambling is a kind of investment which yields good profits only when you are scientific, systematic, and patient. It will be very difficult for you to earn money without learning those qualities. If you don’t gain knowledge in such areas, gambling is like buying lottery. You will depend completely on luck without learning. You won’t win anything without taking bet. Here, you need to invest in gaining knowledge about gambling and cricket betting.