There has been many great bowler of spin bowling, but who do you think is the best of all time ? Well, I think there are many like Shane Warne, Anil Kumble, Murlidharan, Harbhajan Singh and many more. But I think among them Shane warne is the greatest spinner of all time. He is second highest wicket tacker in the world after Muthiya Murlidharan but still I put him far ahead of Murlidharan.

One of the main reason why I believe he is the greatest is he is an spinner from outside of Asia continent and played most of the matches under the condition which suits fast bowling the most.

He was a kind of bowler who has never been questioned for his bowling action unlike Murlidharan. Also he was a part of a team which had bowler like Glenn Mcgrath, Jason Gilespi, Bret Lee a kind of bowling attack which can destroy any batting order and doesn’t even left wicket for him to take. But still he manages to took 708 wicket in his career that is quite impressive.

It was purely my opinion you may beg to differ but I think Shane Warne is greatest spinner of all time.




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