Women’s' World Cup is getting velocity and it will be the skirmish of the groups who are mulling at the base of the table. Sri Lanka goes up against West Indies on ninth July 2017 at County Ground, Derby. While the capability of both the groups is as yet conceivable numerically, for all intents and purposes it is out of the condition. To begin with both the groups would need to win all their matches and after that sit tight for a variety of results to go their direction. One of the conceivable outcomes will never again exist for one of these groups after this match and the other plausibility is similarly little. In any case, the groups will battle it out for pride and enroll their first win of the competition. It could be an entirely enthusiastic day for one of the sides as the losing group would need to gather their packs to home. The victor will remain in the competition, yet hanging by a thin string. Considering the current exhibitions of the two sides, Sri Lanka seems to have adjusted better to the conditions. They've scored more runs, picked more wickets and people have indicated guarantee. Sri Lanka go in as the top choices to win this terrifically critical experience.  

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