Are you looking for some awesome Cricket Betting Tips Free? I must say that you have landed on the right page. Well, here I will be sharing my betting secrets and I’m quite sure that if you follow my tips you will never have to face loss in your life. The things I’m going to share are the best cricket betting tips free, that you will find nowhere. So, let’s get started with this journey.

  • Avoid betting on draw matches in test series. As we have analysed that 20% test matches result in draw.
  • Don’t trust the match reports, scripts, etc, these are all nothing but shit and will take you straightway to loss.
  • Always remember that you should be liquid not solid in betting.
  • Avoid betting on your favourite team always, this is what most of the bettors do. Never trust a team of 1.40 odds, come on you can’t be rich with such low odds.
  • Never be afraid of taking risks, betting is all about winning and losing, so you to take some risks at a point however you can start with a small amount.
  • Your respect for any particular team hardly matters, what matters is the odds, which you should respect.

Well, these are the free cricket betting tips I have given you, stick to them and witness the results soon.

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