Tips for cricket betting are always very necessary and important if we do cricket betting or gambling on cricket matches. As we all know that gambling is not at all a fun, it should be played very carefully. If we cross our limits without considering our budget, it may be dangerous for us. So to avoid this, here are some CBTF’s-

  • The batting will definitely go favorites if the first ball is a wide ball of the match by the bowling team.
  • If the regular caption goes to rest suddenly, means the team may lose the game.
  • Cancel your bets quickly if the rain comes and stays more than ten minutes because the market gets all the data meanwhile and they may change the results.
  • Don’t believe on commentators if they say, this team will win means that team may not win.
  • Never increase your stake if you are in loss.
  • Don’t play session or fancy betting with more than ten to twenty percent of the full limit.
  • Before placing any bid you must see your pocket so, at the key moment, you will not lose your patience.
  • Don’t take alcohol while betting because it may be dangerous.
  • Always play fifty percent of the bookie limit or total limit.

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