1. Keep History: Before starting betting read about past performance of batsman, bowler, and team. In betting it’s good to keep some knowledge about past scoreboard of teams.
  1. Follow the Winning Trend: Cricket is the only game where you can see winning trend of any team. Once you find out that team, you just need to follow and bet on that team. Winner team always makes you win.
  1. Pitch and Weather condition: Check pitch condition before the start of the match. You should be aware of the pitch is beneficial for bowler or batsman. Also, check weather between the match.
  1. Set Limit: Before starting betting set your limit and play in that limit for saving yourself from the unaffordable loss.
  1. Start with Small Amount: Always start betting with the small amount and understand the winning trend never push the whole amount at one time.
  1. Be Cool and Calm: Never lose your patience during the game and don’t take the decisions in aggression and so much happiness. It can be the reason of loss.
  1. Rational Decision: After thinking about all pros and cons and every condition and situation decision taken by you are call Rational Decisions.

Match Preview:

  • Match : India vs New Zealand, 2nd T20I Match
  • Date : Saturday, 04-November-2017
  • Venue : Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium, Rajkot ( 7:00 PM )

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